Advanced Group Classes

Our Advanced group classes teach the perfect tense, concession clauses, the difference between ”que and cual”, the imperative mode and other complex language components. We will show you how to write a letter, text & email, how to give orders and commands. Our advanced lessons also cover the use of the subjunctive and the indicative mode, impersonal verb forms and how to form complex sentences and¬†express opinions using the subjunctive. The advanced group classes are 10 lessons, you must attend each lesson.
  • Every Wednesday from 1pm-2pm.
  • Starting date: 10th May.

Location: 37  St George Terrace, Perth CBD.

1 Class - $40 (1 hour).

5 Classes - $200 (1 hour per class).

10 Classes - $400 (1 hour per class).

All Materials Provided

If purchasing 5 or 10 classes, please select the date of your first class.