Cooking classes

We offer fun and delicious cooking classes at a local Perth restaurant, where you can practise Spanish while preparing and tasting the most celebrated Latin American and Spanish dishes. Everyone is welcome to come to a one-off cooking class or a regular schedule of cooking classes. Group classes are able to stay in their groups and take turns in going to each person’s house. I believe that trying new experiences while practising a language is a more pleasurable experience. Not only are you able to meet new people, make new friendships, play games, but you also have the opportunity to share your personal experiences (travel etc) in Spanish with my help! We cook dishes from Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain. The most recognise dishes are ceviche, empanadas, tapas, Spanish tortilla, enchiladas arroz Verde con chorizos, arroz con carne and much more. Students are more than welcome to also request an additional meal to prepare. After finishing the chosen meal, we celebrate your progress, with a glass of your chosen beverage. The times are able to change, but as a standard I like to begin at 6pm and finish up at 9pm. For more details, please contact me:



All materials provided.

Included 2 hours practice Spanish plush learning how to cook.

Start Fri 19th July at 6-8pm (2 hours), 29 The Boulevarde, Mount Hawthorn


Start Fri 09 Aug at 5pm-7pm (2 hours), 29 The Boulevarde, Mount Hawthorn.


Start Fri 30 Aug at 5-7pm (2 hours), 29 The Boulevarde, Mount Hawthorn.