Learn Spanish for fun, travel and business in Perth

Hola, I am Nery

Spanish teacher, artist and educator who loves painting, chillies, salsa dancing and travel.

If you’re anything like me you’re a travel lover, who enjoys eating, exploring places, and learning about other cultures. Whether for fun, holidaying or business you want an easy way to learn conversational Spanish.

You need a friendly, practical and hands-on class where you can practice your new language skills, feel encouraged and see you progress week by week.

You want to travel with confidence, knowing you can speak Spanish fluently in a cafe, bar or business meeting. You want to recale with confidence? join us! I am an experienced, affordable, friendly and local Spanish teacher.

Benefit of learning Spanish with Nery

Why choose Spanish Classes Perth?

Personalised attention

I keep classes small so you receive personalised attention, tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive learning

my unique teaching style means you learn through a balance of reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Practical experience

learning Spanish should be fun, so I take you on excursions to practise speaking Spanish at cafes, markets, beaches and more!

Focus on pronunciation

I’ll help you refine your pronunciation so you can talk with confidence overseas.

Who are Spanish classes ideal for

3 types of classes


Adults & Travellers


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